WAGNER — Buche Food team members have proven once again they can bring their “A” game when it comes to raising funds for a good cause.

“I’m humbled and very fortunate to work with such a good group of people that truly goes above and beyond to help our friends and neighbors” stated RF Buche, President of GF Buche Company.

The goal was to exceed $10,000 and they did it again. Team members throughout the company came up with an idea last year to raise additional money. For every day that team members wore their “We Support” Cancer Awareness Shirts along with “Blue Jeans,” they paid $1 to the fund. Previous years the team wore pink shirts but this year Buche Co. wanted all to know they support all types of cancer so designed a new look for our shirts worn during the month of October.

“The total dollar amount raised came to $10,555.89.” according to Jody Kotab, GF Buche Co HR Manager/ Operations Coordinator, who organized the event. This year Mr. Buche had to complete a challenge if we raised $10,000 and Mr. Buche is up for the challenge and will be stopping in at the locations dressed up as a pink flamingo. “He says it won’t be pretty, but as in years past, he will do what he needs to if it helps people.”

Since the fund started, 102 cancer patients have been helped. One hundred percent of the profit being donated to the relief fund will help defray some travel and medical expenses incurred by Buche Foods & Gus Stop customers that are battling any type of Cancer. “If we can help someone in the local community with some of the financial pressure, then it makes it all worthwhile” stated RF Buche.

Contact Arlis Kafka at 605-384-3597 if you or someone you love are fighting cancer and need financial assistance.

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