1:17 a.m. — Officers responded to a local hotel regarding a drunken man who was suffering from possible alcohol poisoning. Officers provided treatment until the ambulance took over.

1:41 a.m. — Officers responded to a disturbance at a local hotel. A drunken subject was angry about not being able to find his debit card. The hotel declined his business and told the man not to return to the hotel. A few hours later the man returned to the hotel and was arrested for trespassing.

6:24 p.m. — Caller reported a local ATM not working correctly and was concerned a card skimmer might be installed. Officers checked the ATM, which was broken but did not have a skimmer installed on it.


1:13 a.m. — An officer found a vehicle, which had the incorrect license plate on it. Under investigation.

3:29 a.m. — Caller reported a red pickup had driven over a road sign and driven away. Officers located the vehicle and driver. Investigation resulted in the driver being charged with failure to report an accident, fail to stop at a stop sign, and DWI.

2:52 p.m. — Officers responded to a report of a dead body being found inside a residence. No foul play is suspected at this time. A death investigation is underway.

7:58 p.m. — Caller reported his bicycle was stolen. Investigation resulted in the recovery of the bicycle, which had been spray painted to conceal it’s ownership. Officers also identified the suspect and charges were referred to the State’s Attorney Office.


6:55 p.m. — Caller reported a vehicle being driven erratically heading toward Vermillion. Investigation found the intoxicated subject, who was no longer driving; however, witnesses had seen the subject driving and had intervened. The subject was arrested for DWI.

11:14 p.m. — Caller reported finding a man in their residence stealing items. Officers detained the man who was highly intoxicated. The man was on probation and was in possession of drug paraphernalia. Officers suspected he was intoxicated on methamphetamine. He was arrested for multiple crimes.


12:10 p.m. — Caller reported a man who had been told not to return to a local restaurant had returned. Officers contacted the man and arrested him for trespassing.

6:39 p.m. — An officer contacted a man in the lobby at Public Safety who had a warrant for his arrest out of Iowa. The man was arrested pending extradition back to Iowa.


12:33 p.m. — An officer responded to a two vehicle non-injury accident. Investigation resulted in one of the drivers being cited for running a red light, which caused the accident.

7:58 p.m. — An officer stopped a vehicle for expired registration. The driver did not have a valid license. The driver was cited.

10:15 p.m. — Caller reported being threatened with violence in the parking lot of a local convenience store. The suspect left the area in a blue truck. Officers searched the area but did not locate the suspect vehicle. No one was injured.


6:05 p.m. — Officers responded to a 911 call where the caller stated he was dying. The man was suffering from a chronic medical condition. Officers stood by and provided assistance until the ambulance arrived.

8:42 p.m. — Caller reported seeing two people enter a residence that did not belong to them and was concerned they might be trespassing. Officers investigated but found no indication that a crime had occurred.


11:54 a.m. — Officers responded to a 911 call reporting an unrestrained infant in the front seat of a car. The car was stopped and there was an unrestrained infant in the front seat. Additionally, the driver had an active court order prohibiting him from contacting two of the three people in the vehicle. The driver was arrested for violating the court order and cited for the unrestrained infant.

8:36 p.m. — An officer stopped a vehicle for doing 39 mph in a 25 mph zone. The driver was cited.

9:46 p.m. — Vermillion Officers assisted Clay County Deputies and South Dakota Highway Patrol in locating a man who was driving around and calling in threats to kill himself and law enforcement. The man was located and taken into custody without incident.

10:35 p.m. — Officers responded to a domestic disturbance between an adult son and his step dad. Investigation resulted in the arrest of the step dad for simple assault-domestic.

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