OMAHA, Neb. — Halloween may be known for trick-or-treating, costumes and spooky decorations, but the scariest part of the holiday is the increase in drunk driving traffic crashes in recent years.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 44 percent of those killed in motor vehicle crashes on Halloween night from 2012-2016 were in crashes involving a drunk driver. Halloween is also one of the top three days for pedestrian injuries and fatalities.

To help keep impaired drivers off the road this Halloween, AAA and Budweiser have teamed up to provide their Tow to Go program, a free service for both AAA members and non-members that provides safe rides home for those who did not plan ahead.

"Halloween should be a fun, safe holiday where the community can come together and create lasting memories with their families," said Amy Stracke, managing director of traffic safety advocacy for

AAA – The Auto Club Group, and executive director of the Auto Club Group Traffic Safety Foundation. "We urge those out celebrating to plan ahead for getting home safely and remember Tow to Go is available for people who need a way home."

Now in its 20th year, Tow to Go encourages ride-share services or designated drivers to prevent impaired drivers from needlessly risking the lives of others. Tow to Go has safely removed more than 25,000 impaired drivers from roads across the Southeast and the Midwest since 1998.

In Nebraska, Tow to Go will be available Wednesday, Oct. 31, through 6 a.m. Thursday, Nov.1. Tow to Go can be reached by calling (855) 2-TOW-2-GO or (855) 286-9246.

• Confidential local ride to a safe location within 10 miles

• The AAA tow truck takes the vehicle and the driver home

• Free and available to AAA members and non-members

• Tow to Go may not be available in rural areas or during severe weather conditions

• Visit for dates and availability throughout 2018

• If you are hosting a party, do so responsibly. Check out the Great Pretenders Party Guide from the Auto Club Group Traffic Safety Foundation to learn more.

"The Tow to Go program is a smart option to promote the use of designated drivers and help reduce impaired driving," said Adam Warrington, vice president, corporate social responsibility at Anheuser-Busch. "We are proud to partner with AAA and their roadside assistance drivers to make our roads safer during the holidays."

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