Peaceful Protest Held In Yankton

About 30 people held a peaceful protest in Yankton Sunday night in response to the death of a Minnesota man at the hands of police. The incident has set off protests -- with some of them turning violent -- around the country.

On Sunday night, Yankton joined nationwide protests following the actions of a Minneapolis policeman resulting in the death of a black man.

George Floyd’s death has set off a wave of protests not only in Minneapolis but across the nation. This weekend, protests were held in Sioux Falls and Rapid City, with the participants including Floyd’s family members.

During the Yankton protest, a group of demonstrators gathered near Discovery Bridge and marched down Broadway Avenue. The estimated 30 people stopped briefly at one corner before spending a longer stretch of time at Fourth and Broadway, one of Yankton’s busiest intersections.

By the end of the march, the protestors estimated about 50 people had taken part in the demonstration.

In the wake of the pandemic, most of the participants wore masks as a safety precaution. They chanted phrases and held signs in what remained a peaceful protest.

Members of the Yankton police force drove past the demonstration at times, but there were no signs of problems.

Some passersby honked or showed other signs of support. During the first two hours of the protest, passing motorists showed little, if any, opposition or negative response.

The protest included people of various races and ages. While some placards said, “Black Lives Matters,” at least one participant held a sign, “Red Lives Matter,” in reference to Native Americans.

One woman told the Press & Dakotan that she was pleased the Yankton protest remained peaceful and was able to get out its message.

Another demonstration could be held in the future, depending on what occurs nationally, she added.

For more coverage on the protest and further developments, read Tuesday’s print issue of the Press & Dakotan along with online and social media.

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Why are these protesters afraid to show their faces???...




Ban liars. God bless the great state of South Dakota. 👌 😎


I am not afraid to show my face. If you must know who I am my name is Tina Sasse and I was the one wearing the black and white mask carrying the “Together We Rise” sign! I wore a mask to protect my immune system since it is compromised and I was following Covid 19 guidelines!!


I agree they would be better off picking up the litter . Floyd was a violent felon. He had drugs in his system. The restraint was not wise. The officer should have gotten off of his neck almost immediately.

God bless the great state of South Dakota. 👌 😎


Funny how the truth about George Floyd is never spoken about. He was a violent person,a convicted felon out of Texas. Somebody' needs to talk to the victim's that were harmed by Floyd.

This so called movement has nothing to do with Floyd. The radical left wants to destroy America.

What about all the black on black shootings in Chicago? 3 year old shot dead last weekend in drive by shooting. Father won't cooperate with the police. Where is the outrage? Terrible how we have allowed these morally bankrupt groups to tarnish America.

Would be nice if the truth was talked about.

👌 😎 thank you for your time.

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