100 Years Ago

Thursday, September 11, 1919

• Nine games will be played in the world series of baseball this year, as against seven last year, said August Herrman, chairman of the National Committee today.

• The Big Drive in Yankton county for the sale of Bridge Stock commenced yesterday morning with seven teams in the field, and the result reported at the Bridge Headquarters last evening was a total of better than $25,000.

75 Years Ago

Monday, September 11, 1944

• The fire department was called to the Leonard Lane home in East Yankton at about 4:50 p.m. Sunday. Fire had started in the kitchen of the house. According to the fire department report, about $175 damage was caused by the fire.

• Mrs. Lyle Irish has purchased the College Cafй here and took possession last week from Bill Manning and Ford LeBarron, previous owners, who sold out because of the difficulty of getting adequate help to operate the establishment. Mrs. Irish is not new to the business, having served as manager of this same cafй for several months when Manning and LeBarron first started it last spring.


50 Years Ago

Thursday, September 11, 1969

• After more than five years of planning, searching out funds and construction, Scotland’s $594,381 hospital will be dedicated at 2 p.m. Sunday. South Dakota Gov. Frank Farrar is main speaker for ceremonies at the 25-bed complete hospital facility named for long-time Scotland physicians Dr. G.A. Landmann and the late Dr. O.A. Jungman.

• Many South Dakotans object to the cost of the Apollo 11 moon shot and there’s even greater opposition to future space trips, responses to the South Dakota poll indicate. The opposition is strongest in the state’s rural areas.


25 Years Ago

Sunday, September 11, 1994

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