Yankton’s Restore Church Adds A Second Location

Pastor Jeff Mueller outside the future site of Restore East.

If you’ve driven on 15th street, you may have noticed a different sign on what used to be the Yankton Baptist church. It’s Restore Church’s second location. (607 E15th). Their current campus at 1603 Locust Street is now called Restore West. The new location: Restore East.

Restore wants to plant more churches. They have a specific (but flexible) model for what kind of churches they start. Their goal is to have smaller congregations where nobody slips through the cracks, and everyone can know everyone and be there for each other.

“At the same time, our goal is to tell every soul in our community about the love of Jesus. Through that, the church will continue to grow and not become so big someone is forgotten. Our solution is to start another church or add a service instead of trying to make the church physically bigger. And we want to repeat it over and over again,” says Pastor Jeff Mueller.

He continues, “This is not a typical way to do ministry in one town the size of Yankton, but when Yankton Baptist closed and joined us, that facility was too nice to let go to waste. So, we need to use it, but we also have a great space in our current location, and our landlord has made very nice modifications to it for us. So onward we go.”

While pursuing these long-term goals, they will be doing their primary services at the West Campus. Hosting bible studies and other ministry functions will be at the new location—Restore East. Also in the same building is the Missouri Valley Pregnancy Center.

“We are going to support the growth of Missouri Valley Pregnancy Resource Center (MVP) in the basement area of Restore East. Meanwhile, we’ll spruce up the upstairs and probably add on to it, making it more functional for our ministry purposes, including better spaces to help people in need,” says Mueller.

As a church, Restore and many other amazing people, churches, and other organizations have come alongside the MVP mission to help families navigate the difficulties, surprises, challenges and blessings of pregnancy.

“It just so happened that while this was coming about, we had the perfect facility to adopt MVP as an extension of our ministry, which is something Restore has always been passionate about anyways. It’s incredible how God pulls these things together,” says Mueller.

Restore’s hope for the future is that MVP stays a part of East Campus forever. As for Restore specifically as a church, they hope to have a network of dozens of churches in the coming years where they can train people to do what Jesus called the church to do, “Make disciples of all nations.”

Restore East is such a great space. Be prepared to hear a lot more amazing things happening there as they continue to come up with amazing ways to use it to bless the community.

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