Cases Disposed: June 29-July 5, 2019

Brett William Hacecky, 520 Broadway, Yankton; Speeding on a state highway; $87.50.

Doug Hofer, Dimock; Cross posted bridge with overweight vehicle; $240.

Devon Joseph Lineback, Sioux Falls; Possession controlled substance in schedules I or II; Suspended imposition of sentence; $854; Jail sentence of 23 days with 22 days credit; Three years probation; Possession controlled substance in schedules I or II; Recharged by information.

Tyler Cormany, Dell Rapids; Speeding on a state highway; $107.50; Seat belt violation; $25.

Madeline Mariah Manning, Sioux Falls; Speeding on other roadways; $107.50.

Christopher L. Savage, 604 Locust Street, Yankton; Open alcoholic beverage container accessible in vehicle; $122.50.

Ryan M. Hank, Carroll, Neb.; Speeding on other roadways; $87.50.

Matthew C. Finzen, Westfield, Iowa; Aquatic invasive species watercraft; $87.50.

Kaitlyn Dawn Petersen, Tabor; Illegal passing no pass zone; $122.50; Seat belt violation; $25.

Marlene Radack, 904 Karen Dr., Yankton; Failure to make proper stop at stop intersection; $122.50.

Jesse Franklin Kotnik, Irene; Careless driving; $122.50.

Justin Scott Miller, 1307 Burleigh St., Yankton; Failure to yield from private driveway/alley; $116.50.

Jim A. Johnson, PO Box 7016, Yankton; Seat belt violation; $25.

Beau Franklin Brady, 265 Antler Drive, Yankton; Speeding on other roadways; $87.50; Seat belt violation; $25.

Trent Dean Wilson, 818 W. 4th St., Yankton; Speeding on other roadways; $107.50.

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