100 Years Ago

Saturday, September 24, 1921

• The third woman to go down into a caisson for a pier of the Meridian highway bridge across the Missouri River at Yankton, and the third woman in the history of a good many bridges in this part of the country, was Miss Alma E. Peterson, a teacher in the Webster school. And she was followed by six others, which means that there have been nine ladies under water here.

• The new night burglar alarm at the Volin State Bank “went off” last Saturday evening and for a short time excitement in town ran high. There were no burglars, however, as Elner Johnson had started the alarm by mistake. A crowd gathered around the bank as soon as the alarm sounded as everybody seemed to be anxious to see a burglar at work.

75 Years Ago

Tuesday, September 24, 1946

• The staff at the State University Law School is now at the pre-war level with the addition to the faculty of three instructors, President I.D. Weeks announced today.

• Plans for a formal Christmas season opening in Yankton, and for improved street decoration and lighting for the holiday season, were discussed at a meeting of the retail committee of the Chamber of Commerce held last night.

50 Years Ago

Friday, September 24, 1971

• A citizen of the Republic of Korea, Mrs. Soojae Moon Zeon, is among the new faculty members of Mount Marty College this fall. She is teaching foods and nutrition in the department of home economics.

• Yankton businessmen will continue to remain open Friday nights after balloting of businessmen gave a clear preference to the Friday evening schedule. The proposed change would have called for a Thursday evening shopping night in Yankton.

25 Years Ago

Tuesday, September 24, 1996

• Mary Anderson Bristol, a 1964 graduate of Bloomfield High School, now teaches English in Anchorage, Alaska. This summer, she was in Bosnia working with local teachers to enhance a civic education curriculum. She was among 18 American teachers chosen for an ongoing program rebuilding civic education. The program is sponsored by the United States Information Agency (USIA) in Washington, D.C.

• Jackie Zacher and her Yankton High School environmental science classmates performed 10 basic tests on the water in Marne Creek, Westside Pond and the Missouri River. The class will average the data they collected and try to explain the differences in the tests between the three sources of water.

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