100 Years Ago

Sunday, August 22, 1920

• No paper

75 Years Ago

Wednesday, August 22, 1945

• Having made provisions for a special program and adequate seating facilities as new features of the Yankton County annual 4-H Club Achievement Day program this year, the Yankton Chamber of Commerce is expecting a large crowd of interested farm and townspeople to be on hand here tomorrow for an all-day event arranged to center about the Yankton college stadium.

• An old saying has it that “Every dog must have his day” – and that’s right, too, for show dogs in Yankton area, southeastern South Dakota and northeastern Iowa. They will have “their day” in Yankton next Sunday, August 26, at an informal dog show and puppy match to be held in the city auditorium under the auspices of the South Dakota Kennel Club and the Sioux Valley Kennel Club of Sioux City.

50 Years Ago

Saturday, August 22, 1970

• Maintenance crews have been working throughout the summer months on extensive remodeling and repairs in buildings and renovations on the grounds on the Yankton College campus, getting ready for the opening of the fall semester the first week of September. One of the major projects this summer has been at Look Hall, oldest of the college’s men’s residence halls, where considerable remodeling has been accomplished on the ground floor.

• In Yankton, the Senior Citizens’ organization is seriously considering Meals on Wheels as a project. The members are about to conduct a vigorous search for people in the city and on the immediate periphery who might be interested in having food brought to their homes on a daily basis.

25 Years Ago

Tuesday, August 22, 1995

• Eight fire departments, eight non-fire department teams and two ladies auxiliaries comprised the 18-team field in the Riverboat Days Waterfight competition. Winners included: Lake Andes Fire Department, KYNT Radio and the Sheldon (Iowa) Ladies Auxiliary.

• Mission Hill cook Ann Heine’s recipe for Cheddar Ham Chowder has gained national exposure in “A Taste of the Country, 8th Edition,” a new cookbook featuring a unique collection of over 300 delicious dishes from great cooks across North America.

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