Northtown Celebrates New Facility

Tanner Krantz, one of the owners of Yankton’s Northtown Automotive, accepts congratulations and a plaque from Yankton Area Chamber of Commerce representative Amy Haver to mark the grand opening of their new location on north Highway 81. The company completed new construction of the 29,000 square foot facility in September. (Shauna Marlette/P&D)

A local car dealership’s investment in the community came to fruition on Tuesday when Yankton’s Northtown Automotive celebrated the grand opening of its new 29,000-square-foot facility with a ribbon cutting ceremony and open house to the members of the Yankton Area Chamber of Commerce.

“This has been a process,” said owner Tanner Krantz. “This is the first time I have ever been involved in a move like this with a new facility of this nature. It has been fun and it has been exciting. There are always a lot of hurdles you have to jump over, but the end result has been an amazing feeling. We are so happy to be here.”

The move, just a few blocks north on Highway 81, has opened up a variety of new options for the long-time Yankton business.

“We have more than doubled our space,” Krantz said. “We do have adequate space now to host the amount of inventory that we want to have. It was getting tight at the old lot; we were running out of room to display inventory. Here at the new location, we can display it in a more uniform manner and do the business we were desiring to do and for processing GM vehicles.”

In addition to adding to their inventory, owners Krantz, Terry Krantz, Tony Krantz and Adam Mentele said the expansion has also allowed the company to give more space to its repair shop and open a body shop, which he dealership had not offered before.

“We added room for more stalls and hoists so we can add more technicians to accommodate future expansions,” Mentele said. “We hope to have the body shop up and running this year yet. In addition, it offers us a nicer lounge for repair customers and a play area for kids.”

Tanner Krantz said that the move was prompted by a need for more space and updates in General Motor dealership requirements.

“With General Motors, there have been new changes and upgrading of facilities,” he said. “With the new Mendards coming in, it was just a great time to update. We feel great with the facility where we are at and look forward to new growth on the northern part of the community.”

Krantz added that the process of moving inventory from their old location to the new went well.

“We didn’t know what to expect with a move this size,” he said. “But everything has gone smoothly. There were no hurdles. We had a great contractor and subcontractors. Everything came together and it was just a great process to go through.”

With the new location, the company expects to display more vehicles and, in the process, help to better serve the area’s needs.

“We have a lot of extra area to display vehicles to the public,” Mentele said. “We have seen an increase in traffic. It has been nice to see, we welcome it. The customers are commenting on the appearance, that it is cleaner, brighter and more open. We are proud to have a nice facility like this.”

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