The City of Yankton Street Department will begin the street seal coat program today (Tuesday) and Wednesday, and should be completed in approximately two days, weather permitting.

Streets scheduled for sealing include the following:

• Oakwood/13th to Cul-De–Sac

• 14th/Peninah to Whiting Dr.

• 17th/ Peninah to Cul-De–Sac

• 21st/ Burleigh to Valley Rd.

• James Place/Burleigh to Valley Road

• James Place/Valley Road to Cul-De Sac

• Burgess/Valley Road to Cul-De Sac

• Burgess/Burleigh to Valley Road

• Logan Circle/Cul-De-Sac

• Rylee Way/Valley Road to Peninah

• 25th/Broadway to Douglas

• Cedar/10th to 15th

• Cedar/19th to 21st

• Elm/Cedar to 20th

• Walnut/19th to 21st

• Walnut/23rd to 25th

• 20th/Broadway to Douglas

• Alley/ 17th to 19th/Broadway and Cedar

The process will be to oil the road and cover it with 3/8-inch rock chips. The streets will be closed to traffic during the seal coat process and opened to traffic immediately after the application. After one week, the street sweeper will pick up the excess chips that are still loose.

“No Parking” signs will be placed on the streets the day before they are sealed. Observe these signs and do not park on the streets until the work is done. Do not blow grass onto the street before the streets are sealed or permit underground irrigation systems to run water onto the streets while the No Parking signs are up. In the event of rain, the process may be postponed. Thank you for your cooperation during this process.

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