COVID Update for Jan. 18

Union County reported two deaths related to COVID-19 for the third time in the last four days, according to Monday’s daily update from the South Dakota Department of Health (DOH).

Overall, the state saw 11 new deaths to raise its toll to 1,667, of which 179 have been recorded in January.

Union County’s two deaths raised its toll to 36. It also recorded two deaths on both Friday and Sunday.

As is typical for Monday, most of the other new statewide statistics were light, with just 116 new infections recorded. The number of those currently hospitalized dropped to 203.

Yankton County recorded three new infections, two days after seeing a spike of 69 new cases that may have been tied to the Yankton Federal Prison Camp. On Monday, the Federal Bureau of Prisons website still showed the camp with 40 active cases (27 inmates, 13 staff). Also, the county recorded 14 new recoveries and 108 new vaccinations. Yankton County currently ranks fifth in the state in terms of individuals receiving at least one vaccination with 1,858. Of those, 17 people have received both vaccinations in the two-dose regimen.

The following South Dakota statistics were posted Monday by the DOH:

• Total Cases — 105,659 (+116: 92 confirmed, 24 probable);

• Active Cases — 4,613 (-49);

• Recoveries — 99,379 (+153);

• Hospitalizations — 6,082 ever hospitalized (+19); 203 currently hospitalized (-10);

• Testing — 1,370 new tests processed; 442 new individuals tested;

• Vaccinations — 57,121 total vaccinations (+496); 47,292 individuals vaccinated (+496).

In Nebraska, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) reported 1,061 new infections late Sunday.

No new deaths were reported, keeping the state toll at 1,837.

No update was issued Saturday due to computer issues, according to a DHHS press release.

Other state statistics from late Sunday included:

• Total Cases — 181,978 (+1,061 from Saturday);

• Recoveries — 126,504 (+1,541 from Friday);

• Hospitalizations — 5,575 (+10 from Friday); 420 currently hospitalized (-28 from Friday);

• Testing — 33,052 new tests processed; 2,884 new individuals tested.

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