100 Years Ago

Friday, April 8, 1921

• Seventeen rural schools were visited by County Nurse Margaret Ward during the month of March, according to her report just compiled. She has now completed a visit once around to all the 75 schools in the county and is now engaged in going over some of them again.

• Thirty tire casings, their value estimated at $1,000, were stolen from the A.J. Van Allen Square Deal garage at Gayville last night. Tracks in the mud indicated that there were two men implicated, one with large square-toed shoes and the other with pointed shoes.

75 Years Ago

Monday, April 8, 1946

• Morningside, Augustana and Sioux Falls Colleges tied for first place in men’s debate, while Sioux Falls and Augustana ended in a deadlock in women’s debate at the Pi Kappa Delta forensic tournament. Yankton College proudly hosted the competition, which ended early due to the close-outs in results.

• Beginning this morning, the US Army opened a recruiting office in the post office that will remain indefinitely, announced my S-Sgt. Garvey, who will serve as recruiting officer. The public and parents of sons are invited to stop in at any time to gather information on enlisting.

50 Years Ago

Thursday, April 8, 1971

• Max Hawk is running for City Commission! He has lived and taught in Yankton for six years, and is known by many as the Bucks’ Football coach. He serves on state and national committees for coaching, and is seeking election to the City Commission to promote Yankton’s “great potential” for students, tourism, and general living.

• The 11 city commission candidates are to appear at a public forum arranged by the League of Women Voters as a pre-election information session. The “meet the candidates” event will take place at 8:15 p.m. next Thursday at the United Church of Christ.

25 Years Ago

Monday, April 8, 1996

• A local firefighter has begun physical therapy for injuries sustained last month in a grass fire northwest of Yankton. While it may be a while before he returns to service, he has had a great deal of support in his recovery, made clear as the Sioux Valley Hospital had to place a limit on his number of visitors when over 50 friends would arrive each day.

• Lewis and Clark Theater Company is preparing for its season finale later this month. Director Pat Smith announced that their final production will be “Crimes of the Heart,” a Pulitzer Prize-winning play, will run for two weekends, starting next Thursday.

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