Scott Shindler

Leaving Yankton behind, Scott Shindler is excited to see what a change in location will bring. He plans to keep in touch with those in his hometown and, occasionally, to return for a visit.

After 36 years in practice, a local doctor is moving to Arizona on Dec. 31 where he hopes to continue practicing and to pursue his love of sports.

Dr. Scott Shindler, DPM, has been a podiatrist in Yankton since he went into practice with his father, Dr. Ed Shindler, DPM, in 1982. Ed Shindler had been in practice in Yankton since 1948.

"I was very proud to join my father and practice, not only to be back in Yankton to be around family, but (also) to be in business with your father — there is nothing more thrilling than to be in business with your family," Shindler said. "We had a great relationship."

Shindler noted that he and his father worked together until his dad was 80.

"He would take the winters and go for six months to Sun City in west Arizona, and then come back and join me, and still see some patients and help me out."

Shindler, a native of Yankton, went to the University of Iowa for his undergraduate studies, where he played golf, and got his podiatry degree at the Illinois School of Podiatric Medicine in Chicago in 1978. He has been a general practitioner of podiatry in Yankton for his whole career.

"I did anywhere from conservative to surgical care on patients," he said. "I’ve treated people anywhere from 1 year old to 108, and I enjoyed the variety of being a podiatrist."

Shindler was president of the state association for podiatry and of the South Dakota Board of Podiatric Examiners. He also represented South Dakota at the National Podiatry Convention.

He kept his home base in Yankton, but worked to expand his services throughout the area.

"I started outreach clinics that they never had back in the 80s," Shindler said. "I started an outreach clinic in Vermillion and in Osmond, Nebraska. Since then, I have started outreach clinics in Creighton, O’Neill and Atkinson, Nebraska, and I also do service in nursing homes as far as Laurel, Nebraska, and all the way out to Stuart, Nebraska; and I go to the Coleridge, Bloomfield and Wausa nursing homes."

Shindler was one of the 10 original owners of the Lewis & Clark Specialty Hospital, which opened in 2002, and was recently sold to Avera Sacred Heart.

"It’s been a pleasure being a part of the medical community in Yankton," he said. "We have a very good medical community. I’m proud of being a part of it. I think we have a unique situation here: we have a variety of positions that provide very good medical care."

Shindler has made an effort to participate in the community.

"I have been a part of Sertoma Club; I’ve been on the city planning commission and I’ve been on the Yankton Community Concert board," he said. "I’ve tried to get involved as much as I can in the Yankton community, to give back to them what they give to me."

Shindler’s "Let Someone Fill Your Shoes" charity is still around as part of the annual United Way Coats and Winter Clothing Give Away.

"I collected used shoes for the needy and homeless in Yankton," Shindler said of the program. "The Boy Scouts collected them; I had Service Master disinfect them and we would distribute them once a year in the fall — and we had a tremendous outpouring."

Shindler said he did that for many years, combining with other charities, until United Way asked to take it over.

"Whatever didn’t get (distributed), we donated to The Clothing Closet, Contact Center, Women’s Shelter and to the Indian reservation," he said.

About 12 years ago, in association with Yankton radio station KVHT, Shindler began the now traditional presentation of the "Chocolate Foot Award."

"The Chocolate Foot Award is given to the player that is the most valuable player of that game for Yankton," Shindler said. "I go every Tuesday to practice and I recite a famous quote from a famous athlete or coach; I elaborate on it and tell them how it related to life in general and I ask them who the author was. After that, I award the Chocolate Foot."

The next step for Shindler awaits his arrival in Scottsdale, Arizona — and looks like it will include some sports.

"I am moving to practice podiatry out there in some way, possibly to work for the Veterans Administration," Shindler said. "I am also involved in Fox Sports. I am working presently with Fox Sports in football. I’ve done several games where I work with the production crew and we keep track of special statistics during the game."

Shindler hopes to be working for Fox Sport full time in the near future, he said.

"That way, I could get involved in football, basketball, hockey, baseball or NASCAR," he said. "I’ve always been involved in sports. I played basketball and golf in high school and it is a dream of mine to someday be around sports. This is going to be a great opportunity to see where it takes me.

"I will continue in podiatry and Fox Sports both, and enjoy life."

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