100 Years Ago

Thursday, July 10, 1919

• Yankton friends will most certainly be very interested to know that Capt. J. M. Hanson, of this city, will report the games of the great Pershing Stadium, just completed at Paris, for the New York Herald.

• Mrs. Lillian Harvey, who has been matron at the College Dormitory for a number of years, expects to sever her connections at the college at the close of summer school and will take up circulation work on her son’s newspaper in Michigan.

75 Years Ago

Monday, July 10, 1944

• U.S. Army engineers from the Omaha office are in the city today making a “bank-line” survey of the Missouri river for the purpose of determining the extent of cutting in this immediate area, particularly on the Nebraska side above the Meridian highway bridge where there is a potential threat to U.S. Highway 81 leading to the bridge.

• Over 100 correction slips were handed out to motorists last Saturday evening by state, county and city peace officers who conducted a headlamp and tail light check at the intersection of Fourth and Burleigh streets.

• A cablegram from Lt. Arthur Exon to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Exon of Estherville, Ia., but formerly of Wheeler, S.D. states the following: “Excellent health. No wounds. Leg fractured. Keep smiling. Don’t worry.” Arthur had been reported missing in action in a mission over Belgium and is now a prisoner of war. He is a graduate of Geddes high school and attended Southern Normal at Springfield.

50 Years Ago

Thursday, July 10, 1969

• The members of the coroner’s jury, which heard the evidence during the coroner’s inquest into the death of Eldon Borreson last week, have asked the Yankton County States Attorney’s office to continue investigation into the use of drugs and alcohol by young people.

• Location of Wilson Trailer Company in Yankton is another step forward for our city towards a more balanced economy and growth. It could well be the motivation for other industries to look us over and locate here in Yankton.

25 Years Ago

Sunday, July 10, 1994

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