Two Yankton College (YC) Regional Reunions have been scheduled this year in 2019 where large concentrations of the YC alums reside.

YC alumni packed their YC memories and headed to Boynton Beach, Florida in May for the first sanctioned Yankton College Regional Reunion. According to the Yankton College Alumni Advisory Board, chaired by Pete O’Toole ‘71, of Fayetteville, North Carolina, over 20 alumni and their spouses gathered in the Sunshine State this spring, including Vince Hoosack ’69, from Hicksville, New York, who vows “never to miss another YC reunion, anywhere,” he claims after a long period of not connecting with YC.

Ernie Ferency, a 1971 YC graduate, and his wife, Bette, with assistance from the Yankton College business office in Yankton, hosted the event in Florida. “It was like we were frozen back in the late 1960’s,” says Ferency. One of the primary purposes of the Alumni Advisory Board is to help implement the forming of regional Yankton College groups. This Florida reunion was a perfect example of what takes place when YC communication, passion and action come together according to the objective of the YC Reunion Committee.

In the heart of the Midwest, a second Yankton College Regional Reunion is scheduled on Saturday, Oct. 19, 2019, in Omaha, Nebraska, organized by Omaha resident, Douglas Paterson ’68. YC alumni are encouraged to attend from a radius of 3 hours (traveling distance to Omaha), that includes: Eastern Nebraska, as far as Des Moines in Iowa, southeastern South Dakota, the Kansas City area in Missouri and some of Kansas, according to Paterson.

Yankton College successfully lives on through its alumni. Its reunions remain a key event to keep the YC alums in contact with the school, other alumni and former classmates. The regional reunions provide great opportunities for alumni to enjoy and share YC memories, while the All-Class Reunions held in Yankton every other year remain the centerpiece of the reunion activities (mark your calendars, July 16-18, 2020).

Reunions may take many shapes and sizes. They may range from small gatherings of YC friends for an evening or a day event to larger, highly organized events that can involve several days and dozens of people. Information is sent out in a timely manner to the regional YC alumni where the reunion is to be held, but please note, that all YC alumni are invited to attend.

For more information on Yankton College or Regional Reunions, contact the Yankton College office by phoning (605) 665-3661 or visit


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