100 Years Ago

Tuesday, January 14, 1919

• A plan for the reduction of the cost of cement through a state owned and operated plant in Yankton County is covered in a bill introduced by Representative Erickson, of Yankton County, calling for an appropriation of $500,000 for the purpose.

• The Farmers’ Union Elevator took in sixty loads of grain today, and is just humping over with business, teams waiting all the time.

75 Years Ago

Friday, January 14, 1944

• Records indicating that falls led all causes of accidental deaths in South Dakota for the first 10 months of 1943 drew from Dr. Gilbert Cottam, superintendent of the state board of health, a warning today for Dakotans to “watch your step.”

• Wounds received on the second day of battle in Tarawa brought the award of the Purple Heart to Sergeant Darrel Barton Albers, 24-year-old marine, brother of Mrs. Frances Krieger and Mrs. Wanda Haile of Meckling.

50 Years Ago

Tuesday, January 14, 1969

• Gov. Frank Farrar today appointed James Deam, 53, president of the American State Bank in Yankton, as a member of the South Dakota Board of Regents of Education.

• In a regular session which lasted until near midnight, the Yankton Board of Education last night approved plans and set Feb. 10 as the bid-opening date for the proposed new classroom addition at Stewart Elementary School.

25 Years Ago

Friday, January 14, 1994

• The Clay County Regional Recycling Center, now located at 1332 East Cherry Street in Vermillion, will move to a new center as soon as the dock is installed, the building is retrofitted, electricity is added and other steps are completed. The new site is located in the former Bean Building on the east edge of town.

• Gov. Walter D. Miller’s proposed school aid distribution plan would be a win-lose situation for Yankton County schools. The Yankton School District and Irene School District could gain $376,755 and $68,676, respectively, while Gayville-Volin could lose $39,736.

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