Delmont Steakhouse Owner Still Trying To Give Away Business

Leo Holzbauer, owner of the Delmont Steakhouse, is trying to give away his business in order to keep the eatery running in the small Douglas County community.

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DELMONT — Delmont Steakhouse …. Leo’s Place … or, what will the name be next?

Owner Leo Holzbauer is still searching for someone to whom he can hand over the keys to a popular Main Street business.

Even though the business has been closed for several years, Holzbauer still has maintained the liquor license with the hopes of finding someone who wants to work hard and succeed at the business.

He will give, yes give, the business to the right person or couple.

The only hitch is that the new operator must stock it and run it for a year before Holzbauer hands over the final papers. But, at that point, the new operator will not be paying for any blue sky that makes it hard for new businesses to make a go of it, especially in small, rural areas.

In fact, Holzbauer is signing it over for zero cash. But, in the meantime, the new owner has the usual overhead expense of running a bar-steakhouse combination. The building is stocked with necessary equipment, furniture, plates… right down to the silverware.

The 50x145-foot building sits on three city lots. Holzbauer noted that the building could be subdivided to lease space in the southwest portion of the building, “which could help with overhead.”

Holzbauer has had response to his offer since first made about a year ago—he said recently that there have been seven or eight good prospects, but for one reason or another they have not panned out.

Holzbauer is not giving up.

“I am patient—sometimes things take awhile,” said Holzbauer. “I want it to be good for the community.”

In fact, he recently changed the offer up: instead of the initial plan of having the new operators work the business for five years before handing it over, Holzbauer dropped it to one year.

“I think it should be obvious in one year if someone is going to run it well,” said Holzbauer.

And, people are still contacting him about the offer. Someone is meeting with him this week, and he is waiting to hear back from another out-of-state couple wishing to return to South Dakota.

“I am wanting owners who will provide the good atmosphere and food that customers expected and enjoyed in the past,” said Holzbauer, adding, “I am confident that is going to happen in 2018.”

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