A Historic Yankton House Will Soon Be On The Move

The historic house at 216 W. Fifth St. in Yankton is now up on wheels and is prepared to head west to a new site near Springfield.

An old house in Yankton is about to get a new address.

An arts-and-crafts shingle-style home built in 1904 at 216 W. Fifth St. in Yankton will travel to a new zip code on April 13-14. The house will relocate to land immediately outside Springfield.

According to a press release, the summer home of William H. Edmunds, son of the second governor of Dakota Territory Newton Edmunds, was built in 1904 reportedly on a pioneer hotel site. After leaving office, Newton acquired a private bank, which became the Yankton State Bank. William Edmunds worked at his father’s bank from 18 until retirement, becoming one of “the best-known representatives of financial interest in the Yankton area.”

A.G. Schenk, a local funeral director, purchased the Edmunds home in 1923, moving the Schenk Funeral Home to the property. The funeral home remained at this location for 63 years.

The United Church of Christ (Congregational), located east across the alley, purchased the property from a Schenk family member in 1987 with the intent that the land would become parking spaces. However, the property came with two tenants, so the house and attached annex remained in place. The church board listed it for sale in March 2019.

Tyler and Jess Pasco acquired the house that August.

“Having the opportunity to save this beautiful house is extremely important to us,” Tyler Pasco said. “We plan to restore the home back to its former glory.”

Thein Moving Co. of Clara City, Minnesota, is executing the move. Site work was wrapped up April 7, with the house up on wheels.

“We begin by installing steel beams under the house,” Tim Thien said. “The structure is then jacked up with a unified jacking machine. We next install roll beams and skates, which allow us to roll the house off its foundation. Dollies are then rolled under the house, and a truck is attached to the front to pull.”

The house will start its journey to its new home at 8 am Tuesday, April 13, ending early afternoon at the Yankton Bowl Family Fun Center near 31st and Broadway. On Wednesday, April 14, the house will continue its journey west on Highway 50, beginning at 8:30 a.m.. It will continue through Tyndall, then head south on Highway 37 to its new home.

A foundation hole and ramp have been constructed on the house’s site to be driven down into. Once it’s in position and securely lifted, the foundation pour will take place.

“Try to avoid Highway 81 if possible,” Thein cautioned. “Expect some delays and slow-moving traffic.”

Once the move is complete, the Pascos will begin the first phase of the historic home’s restoration, which will take approximately one year to complete. They then plan to move in and continue bringing the house back to life, they said.

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