Yankton Town and Country Garden Club

The Yankton Town and Country Garden Club met June 14, 2019 at the Yankton County Extension Office.

Members present: Rachel DeMots, Carol Hauger, Diana Klassy, Shirley Root, Donna Jambor, Suzanne Campling, Ariana Terry, Lois Quatier, Terre Berkland

President Ariana Terry called meeting to order at 1:30 pm. Members recited pledges.

Roll was taken.

Minutes were read and approved.

Treasurer’s report was given. The plant sale was a success as a fund raiser.

Old Business:

A. Design for Capitol Building:

The design was tabled until we have a larger membership present. It was decided we will discuss again next month. Terre will contact Laura Westegaard for information about a design, install, and demolition of present garden landscaping. Terre and Rachel will put a committee together and: clean gardens, prune, weed, and preen/mulch adding a few low maintenance perennials to present well for 4th July and Riverboat Days. Total budget for project was approved $75.

B. Bills were presented:

$21.07 donuts at plant sale presented by Ariana and paid

$13.00 supplies for treasurer presented by Lois and paid

C. Greenhouse tours

Several ideas were discussed by membership. Tabled for larger membership present.

D. Kids Art Fest

Was held May 28 in Riverside Park. Being a cold & blustery day there were 160 participants (inc. parents). Everyone who helped with project said it was a COMPLETE SUCCESS!!! Next year we will be sure to get pots with holes in bottom!

New Business:

A. YAA asked us to participate in Halloween Harvest

Discussion held…dates? $$? Participation (##’s) from club membership? Tabled July.

B. Outings

July –Freeman Prairie Arboretum NONE in August September –Sioux Falls—

C. October Meeting Luncheon

Rachel will chair committee. Please contact her if you have idea of how YOU can help!!

Set up/deco, speakers contact, invitations, invitees, MC, food table, clean up will be some of the ways we can pull this off & have a great time!!!

D. Mother’s Day/Plant Sale

Added event during plant sale was a success!! No official count but 20-30 kids planted pots for Mother’s Day gift for Mom! Total cost this year: $30

Future thought of group is to grow project to 50 next year…..

E. Extension Office THANK YOU

A motion was made by Lois to donate $100 to Extension Office for plant sale space and $50 for annual use of property for meeting space to be donated to 4-H. seconded by Terre. Motion Passed.

ADJOURN: Ariana made motion to adjourn at 2:45 pm. Terre seconded. Motion passed!

Program was presented by Suzanne Campling. She brought a plethora of art supplies to paint garden spoons for markers or to put in pots. Some real talent in our club!! Thank you Suzanne for brightening up our gardens and pots!!


July 12 at 1;30 in Extension Office Building

Ariana Terry & Suzanne Campling hostesses

August meeting is 9th same place, same time

Hostess is Rachel DeMots


Interchange met on Monday, July 15, 2019, at noon at Minerva’s. The meeting was called to order by President Kristi Tacke and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Announcements were made regarding upcoming Yankton Area Arts Summer Concert Series and other events, Yankton Public Library events, a Parents as Teachers fundraising event, and Mead Cultural Education Center events.

The hostess for the meeting was Mary Milroy, a retired physician. She gave a brief “member spotlight” on her personal and professional life before introducing this week’s speaker: Julie O’Brien from Bridging Yankton. Julie provided information about Bridging Yankton and the upcoming Step Forward to Prevent Suicide Walk on Saturday, August 3, at Yankton’s Riverside Park. Bridging Yankton uses funds from the walk for suicide awareness and prevention efforts, as well as support for survivors of suicide. They work with South Dakota’s helpline to provide a texting service for Yankton High School and the Middle School, working with youth on any crisis they may have. Currently, in South Dakota, suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for young people.

The next meeting of Interchange will be held on Monday, July 22, 2019. Hostess will be Dana Schmidt, and the speaker will be Mike Husman from Vishay, telling more about the company and its history.

Yankton Community Forum

Yankton Community Forum has 39 members who meet the first three Tuesdays of each month at the Elks Club at 9:15 a.m. and we would welcome any one that has recently moved into Yankton or surrounding area or has recently retired. We are a group of people who enjoy fellowship along with great programs informing us of current happenings in and around our extended community. If you are wondering what we are all about come and join us for a meeting.

July 2, the meeting was called to order after gathering for coffee and rolls by President Darwin Tessier. Announcements were made and then Bob Wittmeir introduced Kerry Hacecky of Heartland Humane Society located here in Yankton. Kerry explained the many facets of her work and the many opportunities afforded to animals for care and love through the Society. Following the meeting the board met briefly to discuss loaning out specific equipment that is Forum owned.

July 9, Jim Filips presented Jake Hoffner as program speaker. Jake brought us an up-date on the Air Show that will take place Aug. 31 and Sept. 1 at the Air Port here in Yankton. This will include not only planes to view but a great air show by some very sought after aviators that will delight the crowd attending. At this time lots of planning is taking place and volunteers are needed to make this a special event.

July 16, Jack Lyons introduced Crystal Nelson. Crystal presented a very educational history of the life of Dr. Mead who was at one time head of the Human Services Center. The Mead building named in Dr. Mead’s honor is now home to the Historical Museum.

This month, Jack Lyons was our song leader. Birthdays for the month of July: Phyllis Karolevitz, Darwin Tessier and Rose Mather. We welcomed Margrit Lock as a new member. Again we thank Susan Lauck for making sure rolls are purchased and delivered for our meetings. Thank you goes out to each member for their part in making this an hour of friendship with our community neighbors.

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