Man Arrested After Pot Brownie Incident

Tabor — A Tabor man faces a felony drug charge after his mother unknowingly served his marijuana-laced brownies to a group of senior citizens.

Michael James Koranda, 46, was arrested last week on one count of possession of a controlled drug or substance, a Class 5 felony. The charge carries with it a maximum sentence of five years imprisonment and a $10,000 fine.

Koranda serves as the vocal music instructor for the Bon Homme school district.

Bon Homme County Deputy Sheriff Joel Neuman made the arrest and filed the report.

On Jan. 4, Neuman became aware of a medical call to Tabor around 8:10 p.m. concerning a possible poisoning. The call came into the Bon Homme County dispatch center. Following the initial call, the dispatch received several other calls of possible poisoning.

Every one of the patients was at the Tabor Community Center earlier for a card game.

An investigation into the incident led Neuman to believe the patients were all under the influence of THC, the compound in cannabis that produces the high sensation. The THC came from a batch of brownies brought by a woman to the community center.

On the morning of Jan. 5, Bon Homme County Sheriff Mark Maggs went to the woman’s residence and spoke with her. She told the sheriff that her son, Michael Koranda, had baked a pan of brownies, and she took them to the Community Center card game.

At the end of the sheriff’s visit to her home, the woman willingly gave Maggs the remainder of the brownies in a plastic container.

Neuman said he came to work and spoke with two of the reporting parties who had consumed the brownies. The husband and wife, listed in court records as W.W. and K.W., said that Koranda’s mother had brought the brownies to their Tuesday night card game at the Senior Center in Tabor.

Authorities learned Michael Koranda had made the brownies after he had been in Colorado the previous weekend and brought back products with marijuana, according to court documents.

W.W. and K.W. both filled out voluntary written statements.

Maggs and Neuman went to the Tabor Elementary School and spoke with Koranda.

Koranda admitted to bringing one pound of THC butter back to Tabor with him from Colorado, using one-half of the THC butter to make the pan of brownies. He went to bed, and his mother unknowingly took the brownies to the card game where several people ate them.

Koranda said the remaining half-pound of butter was still at his house.

Maggs and Neuman accompanied Koranda to his house in rural Tabor, where he retrieved the remaining half-pound of THC butter and handed it to Neuman to be placed into evidence.

Koranda was released on an unsecured bond of $3,000 and must meet court conditions, including obeying all laws and refraining from the consumption of all alcohol and drugs. In addition, he agreed to enroll in the 24/7 program and consented to drug patch testing.

As of Tuesday, Koranda was still listed as a Bon Homme school employee on the district’s website.

Koranda is scheduled to make his initial appearance Jan. 25 at the Bon Homme County Courthouse in Tyndall.

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