Diana Hudson has a secret.

Not even her husband, Michael, knows it. Yet, anyway.

For all the times she’s traveled around the region — and a few times around the country — while he competes in an archery tournament, Diana has a certain expectation for their future.

“I told him I’ll do these archery trips with him, but that he owes me a big, beach vacation someday,” Diana said Thursday morning, with a smile.

Informed of that news, Michael cracked a smile of his own and joked that he better start planning for such a trip.

Traveling for archery events is part of life for this couple from Overbrook, Kansas. Michael is a competitive archer and his wife provides support while he shoots.

“We try to make it a vacation,” Michael said after his round Thursday at the NFAA Outdoor National Target Championships, a two-day tournament being held in Yankton.

While her husband shoots, Diana is right there in the adjacent bleachers, just as she was Thursday. She watches him as he competes and then typically reads a book when he’s not.

Diana admitted that she doesn’t know too much about the sport — other than some of the basic rules — but is there for support.

“It’s part of marriage,” she said. “It gets us out of the house and we get to go on little vacations together.”

Early on in their marriage, there were signs that perhaps someday they both could become competitive archers — Diana shot arrows with her husband on a few occasions.

“He kept telling me I was a natural at it, but I would say I don’t have a knack for it,” Diana said. “I told him, ‘I’ll just support you instead.’”

Michael stepped away from the sport while the couple raised their two children, but once their son and daughter grew up and moved out of the house, Michael decided to pick up a bow again.

“I thought it was grandpa’s turn,” he said, with a smile.

This week’s National Target Championships marks Michael’s fourth national tournament appearance, and the couple figured the five-hour drive to Yankton was manageable.

“This was something he wanted to do,” Diana said.

Sure, Michael still needs to find time to practice during the days, but the couple has also been able to visit local antique stores and restaurants during their week-long stay in Yankton.

“It’s not exactly a true vacation for our wives, but she has been so nice to come with me all these times,” Michael said.

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