Ludvig Flink

Ludvig Flink is a 17-year-old archer from Sweden and will be competing in next week's World Archery Youth Championships in Yankton.

Name: Ludvig Flink, age 17

Country: Sweden

City: Lulea – Pop: 75,000

# from country: 7

Division: Recurve Cadet

# of WAYC: Second, competed in Wuxi, China, 2013

P&D: How did you get started in archery?

Flink: It was actually my father. I was searching for some sport to practice in and then we came up with the idea to try archery because my father had a history in archery.

P&D: What was the qualification to get here?

Flink: We have a national team in Sweden that consists of a group of young people. Depending on how you shot, they take a smaller group from the larger group that goes to this competition.

P&D: What is your impression of the United States so far?

Flink: It’s pretty different from European Countries. It is different food and a lot of people are more friendly than in Sweden. In Sweden we would never go up to a stranger to talk for a moment. Sometimes (if we are strangers) we go out of our way to avoid each other.

P&D: Do you like that difference?

Flink: Yes, I think it’s good to be friendly.

P&D: What did you think when you found out this tournament would be in the United States?

Flink: I think it was pretty cool because I had always been wanting to travel to the United States and see what it was like here. Often, the international competitions in Europe are in obscure countries, so I’m excited to experience something new.

P&D: What does it mean for you to be able to travel here and compete?

Flink: I think it is a room for improvement. Coming here and practicing for international competitions I can improve myself.

P&D: Is there anything in Yankton you’re hoping to see or experience outside of archery?

Flink: Maybe if I get the opportunity to play laser tag at the laser barn.

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