For the World Archery Youth Championships the archers are able to compete in two different disciplines, the recurve bow or the compound bow. Each archer is normally specialized in one discipline or the other.

The recurve bow is your traditional bow that a person would think of when they hear, bow and arrow or Robin Hood. It is the simpler of the two types of bows and contains no mechanical components, just a bow and the string. Recurves are the tougher of the two bows to learn and don’t shoot as fast or as accurate compared to the compound bows. The recurve bow is used for the archery competitions in the Olympics, whereas compound bows are not allowed.

“I shoot a recurve which is the traditional bow you can shoot in the Olympics,” USA’s Ryan Oliver said. “It is made up of the riser, which is the handle, limbs, arrows, and a finger tab that protects the fingers.”

For Great Britain’s Joe Ground the recurve bow is all about the Olympics.

“I have definitely been more interested in the recurve archery,” Ground said. “Mainly because it is kind of the Olympic discipline and that is kind of my ultimate ambition.”

Compound bows are the more complex style of bow with built in cam systems, which are a type of string system, making them easier to pull, hold, aim, and shoot faster. The average compound bow shoots its arrows at 300 feet per second (FPS) where the recurves only average around 190 FPS. This higher speed turns into further shooting distances and a straighter trajectory for the arrows. Compound bows are more common in the United States and mostly used for hunting.

“I’ve shot pretty much every type of bow and I just prefer compound,” Australia’s Hamish Thompson said. “It is advantageous in the wind because you get less wind drift because you are shooting faster.

“There’s nothing wrong with shooting recurve it’s just more of a challenge.”

One other difference in the disciplines is the targets that the archers will shoot at. Recurve archers will have one target down range for the competition, while the compound archers will have three targets. This is due to the team competitions because compound archers could possibly break their teammates’ arrows when shooting on the same target.

-- Michael Hammond

Archers, Official Recognize Significance

Budaev Schulman of Russia, with the help of coach translating, said this was the first big competition that he was a part of.

“This is his first world level competition in Archery, so it is very exciting,” he said. “This is a very serious completion for his future career as an archer.”

Choi Kyunghwan, a Delegation Official for the Korea team, said he was pleased with the set up of the course.

“It is very good because the Yankton Easton Archery Center is an amazing place to be a part of the competition,” he said. “The facilities, training field, and the completion field are very nice.”

Lee Seunguin of Korea, who is participating in the Recurve competition, with Kyunghwan translating, said, “Obviously this is a very good opportunity for me since this is the Youth World Championship,”

Seunguin said his personal goal was to become a member of the national team.

Elaina Claps, a member of Team USA from Washington, said making it to this world event, showed the amount of work she put in.

“It shows that all the hard work has paid off,” she said. “All the days I spent practicing were for something.”

Claps will be participating in the Recurve Cadet Women field.

-- Dylan Huggins

Small Town South Dakota

When you have athletes from all around the world there are many cultural differences. All of the archers came together in the small town of Yankton, South Dakota.

Hamish Thompson is from Melbourne, Australia, which is located in southeastern Australia and has a population of 4.4 million people compared to just fewer than 15,000 in Yankton.

“Melbourne is pretty much one of the sporting and cultural centers of Australia,” Thompson said. “It’s really nice being in Yankton, it’s really flat and open here and I like it.”

Joe Ground if from a small town outside of Norwich, England.

“My town is a bit bigger than here, but is more or less the same,” Ground said.

With competitors from 50 different countries there are all sorts of differences coming to Yankton. The archers will have to get used to this small city to win.

-- Michael Hammond

International Travel

Budaev Schulman of Russia mentioned the trip was long, but there were no problems getting to the competition.

“It was a very long trip and the longest flight was from Frankfurt (Germany) to Chicago, but it was okay without any troubles,” he said.

Lee Seunguin said although it was a long flight, he was excited to compete at a world event.

“It was a long way to be here, but it wasn’t a difficult time for me because I’m excited to attend this tournament,” he said.

“I have my hopes and expectations for the completion, so it was a good time for me to be here,” he said.

There are participants from 51 countries who will be competing today (Tuesday) in the World Archery Youth Championships.

-- Dylan Huggins

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